We maintain an open admissions policy provided there is an opening in an age appropriate class.

A child’s initial placement is based on the child’s age as of Sept. 30 of the enrolling school year:
 Tots Program: 3 months-1 year
 Children may not begin in the tots program until 3 months old.
 Toddler Program: 1-2 years
 Preschool 2 Program: 2-3 years
 Preschool 3 Program: 3-4 years
 To enroll in the preschool class children should be toileting independently and not in diapers/pullups.
 Pre-K Program: 4-5 years

Placement in classes is subject to change after enrollment if it is determined that a child meets the developmental criteria to move to the next class before the next school year.



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Daily Life at Lakeside Presbyterian Preschool

Our days follow a relaxed rhythm similar to the schedule below.

Circle Time: Children gather each morning to share news of the upcoming day. Teachers will provide information for discussion related to the current theme. Circle often includes lots of singing, movement, educational games and stories.

Community Time: During this time the children come together and have the opportunity to explore the educational centers in the different classrooms. The children are free to move between classrooms, choosing activities—some teacher planned and guided, some self guided.

Snack: Morning and Afternoon snacks are provided by the preschool and enjoyed in the classroom or outside on the picnic tables by the playground.

Outside Time: Children enjoy the playground equipment, ride a tricycle or pick a nice spot in the shade for quiet play.

Enrichment Time: Children join in activities that enhance the experience of the weekly theme through art, cooking, science experiments, and more. Theme material comes to life in this creative part of the morning.

Lunch: Children are served a well balanced lunch provided by LPCWP in their classrooms.

Extended Day: After children attending half day are dismissed, children staying for the full day begin their afternoon. The afternoon begins with each age group resting and napping in their classrooms. After nap/ rest time the children have snack. After playground play the children return to their classrooms for teacher planned activities and self-guided play.

Extended Day Program

The extended day program  was created in response to the needs of parents and in an effort to make our program more accessible for families who want to send their child to one of the Weekday Preschool programs but need additional hours before and after  preschool.